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3/22-28 POPUP『SLOW LIFE』を日本橋高島屋にて開催いたします!

3/22-28 POPUP “SLOW LIFE” will be held at Nihonbashi Takashimaya!

Hello everyoneThis is Takano from DELIFE.


Today is the details about POPUP"SLOW LIFE" held from 3/22-28, the reason for the event, and what will be done at DELIFE? I would like to write until Please take a look!


First, Event details↓↓

We will develop items that allow you to enjoy spring so that you can feel the "enjoyment of life" that is included in the slow life.
Date and time: 3/22(wed)-3/28(tue) 10:30-19:00
Location : Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. Main Building 1FSPACE1-1, 2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
We had wonderful brands come together.
Exhibiting brands↓

Good old style and tools re-edited for modern timesSimple functionality, such as aprons and bags with vintage-like designs.In addition, Lifewear based on workwear is also available.We will propose original wear and miscellaneous goods that will make you feel a little nostalgic and things that were not likely to exist.

instagram @voirystore

A general store in Meguro Ward where you enjoy interacting with various people and making things every daymillvalley millvalley's cute but not too sweet "OSAMU GOODS®" is a detail Only products that can be used for a long time with a focus on

instagram @millvalley_tokyo

Shops with non-white lab coats suggested by medical professionals

 Wear your white coat more freely, casually, and casually

instagram @panenkatokyo

DELIFE(DELIFE) is located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, a city of manufacturing.We do everything from design to production in-house. Reserve land  

Minimal and simpleThe design is gender-neutral, like furniture and architecture.

The main material used is Italian leather and full vegetable tanned so you can enjoy excellent aging.




Here is the reason for

Due to self-restraint and movement restrictions for the past three years, I've always felt like I wasn't feeling well and my frustration was slowly building up.I think there are surprisingly many people like that.

Even if we have to wear masks, the end of this spring is finally in sight.

I want to share the joy with everyone!

I've had this feeling since around the middle of last year.

We have gathered together brands that will make you feel spring.This event was held.

VOIRY's pants and apron

millvalley's miscellaneous goods, vessels, Osamu goods

Panenka's easy-to-wear coat

Everything is so wonderful with spring in full bloom! !



What does DELIFE do?

① Sales of new products

We will be selling standard products including new products.


②Semi-order belts etc. on the spot

Sales of semi-order items such as popular belts that can be taken home the same day


③Maintenance service

We will perform maintenance for your DELIFE items on the spot, free of charge.

Let's talk about future maintenance methods!

We will notify you if there is any new information or other additional content.


Cherry blossoms blooming forecast in Tokyo is 3/24This is Don Pisha

Everyone in the neighborhood and in the local area, please come and experience the spring in Tokyo.

We look forward to seeing you.


Thank you for watching till the end!!



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