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About care

This page introduces daily maintenance using the Maintenance Kit (¥2200) .


Contents: " Cream for tanned leather" "Horse hair brush" "Cross" "Drawstring storage bag" "Instruction manual"


How to care


① Brushing with a “horsehair brush”

Brushing is a very important process.

If you apply " Cream for Nume Leather" with dirt on the surface, the leather will absorb the dirt, so make sure to keep the exterior and interior clean. Please do brushing.

Brushing your leather frequently every day will condition the surface of the leather and maintain its beautiful luster.


② Apply "Nume Leather Cream" with a "cloth"

'Nume Leather Cream' moisturizes the leather and greatly extends the life of leather products.


③After applying it, leave it for a day to allow it to penetrate.

 The stickiness is gone and it feels moist to the touch.

Please be careful not to use it when it is sticky as it may cause stains.


Try taking care of it using the methods above.

By taking care of your leather products regularly, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your leather products, allowing them to continue to be used for even longer and enjoy more beautiful aging.

You'll love it more than ever, so please give it a try.

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