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"Ordinary belt"  ベルトのカスタムオーダーがオンライン、店舗で開始しました。

Custom orders for "Ordinary belt" belts are now available online and in stores.

"Ordinary belt"

Custom orders for belts are now available online and in stores!

Custom content: ①Leather color ②Metal fittings color ③Belt size
Price: 20mm width ¥9900-(tax included)
30mm width ¥12100-(tax included)
You can choose the width between 20mm and 30mm.
① You can choose from 6 leather colors.
②You can choose from two metal fitting colors.
③You can choose your belt size.
How to measure belt size
Waist size and belt size do not match, so we recommend that you measure your current belt before ordering.
Measure from the base of the buckle to the hole in the belt you are currently using.
If the perfect size is 65cm, please specify the 65cm size.
If the size is 65cm, it will be delivered with 5 holes in 2.5cm increments between 60cm and 70cm.
Easy custom order online or in store
Treat yourself to an authentic Italian leather belt. How about a gift for that person?
Click here for all "ORDER STAND" products that can be custom-ordered at the store
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