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Luxurious drawstring tote "Feel" special feature

Luxurious drawstring tote "Feel" special feature

Why was Feel designed like this? ?

From the beginning, the design was such that the belt of the handle was connected horizontally from the bottom, but don't you think there are few designs like this?

The reason is that thick leather of this length is hard to come by (I think it's also because they want to keep the cost down...)

This belt is 120cm long. It was difficult to find thick Italian leather of this length, so I decided to use the tender I'm using this time, and I was able to make minor changes and resell it.

The shape is a drawstring bag, but it can also be opened and used as a tote bag.

It may be a good idea to store your iPad and campus notebook and work at a nearby cafe.

Drawstring purses have an inside pocket, which is rare, so it's convenient for storing mobile phones and small items.

Feel has undergone a minor change and has been upgraded to a 2-way specification that can be carried not only in your hand but also on your shoulder.

The handle part uses "tender" from Italy's "Ro. Stivale".

Please see below for detailed information about this leather.

About the tender

The main body is made of cow suede that has a nice texture.

This domestic leather is tanned in Himeji and has a good texture, which is the origin of the product name "Feel".

The feel of a drawstring tote with a unique design.

How about a reward for yourself or a gift for that person?

We have new wrapping for the end of the year!

About Wrapping


Thank you for watching until the end!


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