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Gift wrapping&Message letter

Gift wrapping&Message letter

This page offers “Gift Wrapping (¥330)” and “Normal Wrapping (Free)”

We would like to introduce ``Message Letter (¥440)'' , a service for conveying your feelings with a letter.


Gift wrapping (¥330 charge)

Normal packaging (free)

The wrapping tags come in a variety of colors and logos, and although you cannot choose, we hope you enjoy opening them once they arrive.


From here on, we will send you a letter to convey your feelings."Message letter (¥440) )” Introducing .

This is a service where you can write a letter using up to 200 characters.

*Line breaks, spaces, etc. will be created at your discretion.

*Please note that leather tags cannot be selected as each item is different.


Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.