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On this page, we would like to introduce the standard leathers used at DELIFE and our commitment to selecting the leather.
DELIFE standard leather
・Italy "MAINE"
・Italy "SIBILLA Liscio"
・Italy “TENDER”
・Domestic Full vegetable tanned soft leather

What is MAINE?

``MAINE'' is manufactured by ``Tempesti'', a prestigious tanner in the Santa Croce area of ​​Italy, , founded in 1946. t7>It is characterized by a pale color and a muddy texture. It is a leather that you can enjoy aging well.

It is used for almost all standard products such as bags and wallets.

Who is SIBILLA Liscio?

is manufactured by Tempesti, a prestigious tannery located in the Santa Croce area of ​​Italy, founded in 1946. MAINE'' is used as the base, and wax is sprayed onto the leather surface to create a whitish finish.

The surface of the waxed leather is white, as if it were covered with mist, but as you use it, it becomes more familiar and reveals the original color and expression of the leather.

Also, waxing makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the leather, and it ages slowly.

I use it for wallets, etc.


What is TENDER?

``TENDER'' Manufactured by the prestigious tanner "Lo Stivale" in the Santa Croce area of ​​Italy, which was founded in 1958, is characterized by its elegant and deep color. You can enjoy a relaxing aging experience.

Used for belts, handles, etc.


・What is domestic full vegetable tanned soft leather?

We use domestically produced full vegetable tanned cowhide from Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, the largest leather production area in Japan.

Among them, soft leather to the touch is rare because it requires a lot of effort, and natural colors in particular allow you to enjoy the texture of leather without using dyes. The surface has been treated to prevent stains, so you can use it without worrying too much.

Used for Drawstringbag, Multistrap&pouch, etc.



Delife's What does “good quality” mean?
The selection of materials for Delife is very simple.It is ``high quality and environmentally friendly''. "High quality" means vegetable tanned leather that will age (change over time).
This material is said to be 10% of the leather made in the world and is also called eco-leather because it is tanned using plant sap and is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, since 90% of chrome leather is made with chemicals, seawater pollution from wastewater has become a social issue. Therefore, in order to realize a sustainable society, we actively use eco-leather, which is environmentally friendly and has excellent aging properties.
Eco leather is a leather that has been carefully tanned with vegetable tannin over a long period of time, with minimal processing to hide scratches and wrinkles in order to retain the original texture of the leather. High quality leather does not necessarily have beautiful uniformity. As a result, even wrinkled areas are used, so each product has its own individuality and becomes even more loved. As time passes, the color changes and becomes more lustrous, blending into your skin and changing to a texture that is unique to you.It gives you a rich expression.