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デバイス収納が便利なショルダーバッグ"Feel shoulder"特集

Special feature on "Feel shoulder", a shoulder bag that conveniently stores devices

I think there will be more opportunities to ride bicycles and go on vacations in April.

This time, we would like to feature her shoulder bag "Feel shoulder" which is convenient for storing devices.

Feel shoulder product page

Feel shoulder is ``Let's work at a nearby cafe! '' is the concept of this shoulder bag, which is convenient for storing devices such as magazines, notebooks, and PCs.

The material is mainly luxurious cow suede leather

The pockets and shoulder belt are made of Italian vegetable tanned leather.

For more detailed leather information, please see below.

3 colors available

Dark gray



The outer pocket is convenient for storing smartphones, etc. that you want to take out quickly

Inner pocket is suede leather

It is carefully made with a lining attached.

The inner pocket is also convenient for storing smartphones and other small items.

No problem with storing regular size magazines.

Securely stores devices such as a 13-inch PC and iPad

The large capacity bag can be used conveniently not only for your devices but also when you go out.

What did you think of the Feel shoulder special feature?

Now that we can see the end of our masked lifestyle, we can now enjoy going out emotionally.

Please consider DELIFE's Feel shoulder as a companion when going out.

Feel shoulder product page


List of DELIFE standard bags


Thank you for watching until the end!



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