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Original shoulder pouch custom is now on sale in stores and online.



Free combination of shoulder belt and pouchOriginal shoulder pouch custom is now on sale in stores and online.


First, please select shoulder belt .


Belt strap20mm width

A stable belt strap that does not dig into your shoulders.

Available in 6 colors.



Belt strap14mm width

Slim belt strap for casual use

Available in 6 colors.



Multi-strap with leather round cord for casual use

Available in 3 colors.




Once you have decided on the shoulder belt, the next step is to decide on the pouch.


Tender pouch

There are 3 sizes: M/S/XS.

Available in 3 colors.


By the way, we also have many special colors and specifications with sewn-on patches available only at our stores.


"Which one should I choose..."

It's neither ah nor ko. Choose your favorite combination.


“Done! ”

This time, we combined the Belt strap 14mm with M and S size tender pouches.

With this combination

Belt strap14mm ¥10000-

Tender pouch(M) ¥9000-

Tender pouch(S) ¥7000-

Total ¥26,000+tax


You can purchase as many pouches as you like.


Custom orders are available both in-store and online.

Enjoy your original shoulder pouch customization with various combinations.


Thank you for watching until the end.



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aonuma - April 6, 2023


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