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Washable leather cap “Naughty” special feature

This is a special feature on the washable leather cap “Naughty”.

We also have a video of hand washing at the end, so please take a look.



What are the specifications? ?

・Uses washable pig suede leather

・The cap can be washed by hand with a neutral detergent, so you can use it without worrying about getting it dirty.

・The color gradually becomes lighter each time you use it and wash it, allowing you to enjoy aging.

・(Body) Washable pig suede leather (Lining) Mesh fabric


Why pigskin? ?

Naughty uses washable pig suede leather tanned in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

In fact, it is surprisingly little known, but pigskin is the only leather that is consumed and tanned in Japan.

``Hmm, what do you mean, there is leather made in Japan , right? There may be some leather lovers who think, "...

In fact, cowhide is mainly imported from North America and tanned domestically.

However, pigskin is a leather material that is recognized around the world as a genuine made-in-Japan product, as every step from consumption of pork to leather production is completed in Japan.

Pig leather has larger pores than cowhide leather, making it more breathable, and it takes less time to dry after washing, making it an ideal leather material for caps.

This pigskin is then chrome tanned at a tanner in Sumida Ward to make it water resistant.

The lining is made of mesh fabric, so it can be worn in spring and summer.

Although it is leather, it is breathable.

Size adjustment is also possible.

The design is modeled after a cycling cap and features a short brim.
It has a unisex feel that can be worn by both men and women.
Do you do aging? ?
If you wash it repeatedly, the color will gradually become lighter and you can enjoy aging.
The left is a new darkgray, the right is a darkgray washed 5 times in 6 months
It's getting lighter, just a little.
It's so much fun to be able to enjoy your own aging of a wallet, bag, or cap. .
How do I wash it? ?
This is an important hand washing video.
Please be sure to wash by hand, not in the washing machine.
Please follow the steps in the video and wash your hands.

 For details, please visit the product page

Thank you for watching until the end!


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