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斜め掛け出来るオールレザー巾着”Drawstring bag”特集

Special feature on “Drawstring bag”, an all-leather drawstring bag that can be hung diagonally

Hello everyone! This is Takano from DELIFE.

This is a special feature on "Drawstring bag," an all-leather drawstring bag that can be hung diagonally.

Please read until the end.

As the title suggests, “Drawstring bag” is a drawstring bag that can be hung diagonally.

It's common to have a drawstring purse, but it's more convenient to wear it cross-body for shopping or going out.

In addition, it has a very luxurious design with all leather.

The length can be adjusted, so it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

The interior has a carabiner so you can attach a key case or key ring to prevent it from being lost.

Using combination tanned cowhide from Himeji

Combination tanning is a tanning technique that combines the best aspects of tannin tanning (vegetable) and chrome tanning (chemical).

It is a leather that is more suitable for everyday use as it ages to the extent that it does not easily get dirty and slowly becomes glossy.

In this day and age when luggage is becoming more and more minimalized, get rid of the big bags! How about a drawstring bag?

Click here for the Drawstring bag product page


Thank you for watching until the end this time!


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