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DELIFE LAB is a service that sells experimentally produced products, samples, and aged products.

Why do you sell such products? ?

It's simply a waste.

The apparel industry, including leather brands, discards a large amount of so-called B products every year for branding purposes.

Is that really okay?

Fabric emits a large amount of CO2, and leather is animal skin. Even though most of the leather is a byproduct of slaughtered animals, I felt it was very painful to throw away leather or leave it in a warehouse.

The service he started exclusively at DELIFE stores is DELIFE LAB.

We sell experimentally produced products, samples, aged products, etc. at discounts. At the time of purchase, we also tell the story of how DELIFE LAB sells .

Recently, we have been using leather scraps to assort them into A4 and A5 sizes and selling them as coasters.

Purchased in a container box to create the fun of finding one-of-a-kind items.

Most of the items are unsold and cannot be seen on online stores, so please take this opportunity to check them out.