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Notice of limited time sale of Ornament "Shimenawa"

Hello, this is Takano from Delife

There are less than two months left in 2023

It's too early...

Is it already the end of the year? We would like to inform you that we will be selling special products from November 10th


This is a limited time sale with an order period.

"Order period"

From 11/10 (20:00) to 11/30 (23:59)

 "About delivery"

It will be delivered by 12/22



.......................................... ...................................

It is an ornament made of shimenawa.

Delife's "Shimenawa Decorations" were made using Shimenawa from "Nawaya Chuemon", which was founded in 1900.

Mr. "Nawaya Chuemon", who makes shimenawa for shrines and temples

Isn't Shimenawa-ya with a history of over 115 years amazing?


-It all started by chance-

The person who came to the store as a normal customer and purchased Delife was Kushiro from “ Nawaya Chuemon”

Mr. Kushiro

I connected with Mr. Kushiro on Instagram, who is such a nice guy, and I learned about his work and had the opportunity to talk to him.


That's the shimenawa, though

The craftsmen of Nawaya Chuemon handle all processes from straw rice planting to manufacturing.

Rice planting situation

Manufacturing process

The shimenawa decorations, which are made entirely in Japan, have a lush scent that makes you feel refreshed just by decorating them.

I think that this product not only looks good, but can also be described as a product with a lush fragrance.

The smell of straw reminds me of the countryside and gives me an indescribable feeling.In one word, it's emotional


-About the design-

Actually, I had a really hard time designing it.

I tried various decorations with leather, but none of them could match or match the power of the menawa.

That's true too.

Shimenawa has been perfected over a long history.

I struggled for a while, but

The design is as simple as shimenawa bound with leather.Not overly decorated, typical of Delife.

The finished ornament is satisfying.

This jagged silhouette is inspired by a lightning bolt, and the design reflects the idea of ​​wishing for a rich harvest of rice.

Recommended as an ornament to decorate your room or as a shimenawa decoration for the New Year.


Once again, this will be a limited time sale with an order period.

"Order period"

From 11/10 (20:00) to 11/30 (23:59)

 "About delivery"

It will be delivered by 12/22




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The weather may be cold or warm, but please take care of yourself.

Thank you for watching until the end!


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