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Container 11inch

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container 11inch (container 11inch)



・Square box-shaped leather tote bag

・Minimalistic design finished only by sewing without using metal fittings

・iPad10.2 inch storage size

・B5 ​​size notebook storage size



『SIBILLA Liscio』

Spraying wax on the surface of the leather gives it a whitish finish.

The surface of the waxed leather is white, as if it were covered with mist, but as you use it, it will get used to it and reveal the original color and expression of the leather.

Uses full tanned cowhide “SIBILLA Liscio” from Italy “Tempesti”

What is Tempesty?

Tempesti is a prestigious tannery located in Tuscany, Italy, founded in 1946.We are a member of the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Association, which has strict screening standards, and have been providing leather to European luxury brands for many years.

・Natural leather tanned with vegetable-based full tannins does not shed waste water, so it is also called eco-leather because it is environmentally friendly.The aging process will vary depending on the individual usage situation, but the more you use it, the more gloss it becomes and the deeper the color becomes.

・The aging process will vary depending on the individual usage situation, but the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes and the deeper the color becomes.

・There is a possibility of discoloration, color transfer, oil transfer, etc.

Also, since natural leather is used, the leather may have scratches, grains, wrinkles, etc.Please note

We hope you will enjoy the characteristics of natural leather based on the above points.

Please see below for more details on the leather used.

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By taking care of your leather products regularly, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your leather products, allowing them to continue to be used for even longer and enjoy more beautiful aging.

Please see below for care if you feel dry due to usage conditions etc.

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The more you use vegetable-based full tanned leather, the more it becomes more lustrous, and you can enjoy making it your own leather product.

For more information on how the color you are considering will age, please see the article below.

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Width 27.5cm Height 22.5cm Depth width 11cm Weight 565g (front and back available)


"Options that can be added"

①Gift wrapping

②Message letter

③Maintenance kit (leather care products)

Options can be added to ①Gift wrapping and ②Message letter, which are recommended as gifts.

Please see below for further details.

Gift wrapping&message letter page

Options can be added to ③Maintenance kit, which is recommended for daily leather care.

Please see below for further details.

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