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This page introduces the aging of leather.

The full tanned leather used in DELIFE will increase in color and luster the more you use it, allowing you to create your own unique leather products.

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Please take a look at how the color you are considering changes.


Aging sample after using MAINE for 1 year .

natural becomes more glossy and changes to a candy color.

Natural (also called tanned leather), a classic for leather lovers

It is a color that is especially fun to grow and enjoy the aging process.

brown becomes more lustrous and changes to a slightly reddish brown.

This color is recommended for those who do not want to worry about stains but want to use a ``leather-like color'' because the pigment is dark.

gray will change to olive color.

It has a very atmospheric and aging color, which is rare for leather.

It's a leather color that doesn't come around very often, both before and after aging, so it's especially recommended for those who don't want to wear it with other people.

black becomes more glossy and turns into a deep black.

Like brown, black is especially easy to use because you don't have to worry about getting it dirty.



Aging sample of SIBILLA Liscio after using for half a year.

“SIBILLA Liscio” with waxed surface

This is a type of leather that has a whitish finish by spraying wax onto the surface of the leather.

The surface of the waxed leather is white, like a mist, but as you use it, it becomes familiar and reveals the original color and expression of the leather.

The waxing makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the leather, and it ages slowly.



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Of course, the aging process will vary depending on the individual usage situation, but the more you use full tanned leather, the more glossy it becomes and the deeper the color becomes.

I love leather products that I have grown myself more than anyone else.

Please make your own leather products.