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ユニセックスなベルト”Too long belt”特集

Unisex belt “Too long belt” special feature

Unisex belt “Too long belt” special feature

Hello everyone, this is Takano from DELIFE!
This time we would like to introduce our new Too long belt.

Too long belt is a unisex belt that can be adjusted to waist sizes from 60 to 105, and is compatible with the average waist size of men and women.

The word ``Too long'' has the connotation of being too long, but this is the product name used not because of the length of the belt, but because of the wide range of size adjustment.
By the way, the product name comes from a daftpunk remix called ``Too long ver,'' which has a 12-minute song.

The colors are
As for construction, it is finished with brass caulking and has a simple design that can be used every day.

Uses full tanned cowhide from "Lo Stivale".

Natural leather tanned with vegetable-based full tannins does not shed waste water, so it is also called eco-leather because it is environmentally friendly. The aging process will vary depending on the individual's usage conditions, but the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes and the deeper the color becomes.
Natural is also safe to use as it does not easily get dirty and ages slowly.

What is Lo Stivale?
Lo Stivale is a prestigious tannery located in Tuscany, Italy, founded in 1958. We are a member of the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Association, and have been providing high quality vegetable tanned leather to European luxury brands for many years while preserving traditional manufacturing methods.

Click here for more detailed articles.

There are surprisingly few simple belts that are not sewn.
One of the things I look forward to is using it every day and noticing that it's aging.
Too long belt product page is here.

Thank you for watching until the end!



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